God's Hedge of Protection

God's Hedge of Protection

In early September, a thunderstorm had knocked out the power to a small neighbourhood in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and so, a family of 4 drove to the Home Depot to buy some back-up lighting, only to find they were closed.  Returning home, they remembered seeing what they thought were some old candles in the basement, which they thought were left there by the previous homeowner.

Dutifully, the 30-year-old mother found one and tried to light it, but it turned out to be a quarter-stick of dynamite. The explosion left her with severe injuries to her hand and face, so she was rushed to a nearby hospital.

Satan often walks about seeking whom he may devour in 1 Peter 5:8.  This is probably why God showed us in the Book of Job that we need to be praying every day for God’s ‘Hedge of Protection’ around our families and our Church and all the works of our hands.  Someone may ask, “Does it stop EVERY bad thing from happening to us?”  The answer is, “It only stops everything that is not the perfect will of God from happening to us.”

But the key is, we have to ask for it every day.  James 4:2  “… yet ye have not, because ye ask not.”  It just might save you from making a horrible mistake.

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