Student Life

PW Baptist College works to maintain a safe environment, strives to provide an enjoyable experience, and endeavours to produce a vibrant spiritual atmosphere

Spiritual Life

Here at Pacific West Baptist College, students are constantly encouraged to have a strong day-by-day walk with our Lord Jesus Christ. Students are always reminded to develop a habitual devotional life and a stable ‘prayer-closet’, both of which are vital to Christian growth. Students are also privileged to sit in chapel service every week and are challenged by Bible messages brought by the college president, teachers or church staff, and other invited preachers.


Ministry opportunities

One of the unique components of Pacific West Baptist College is that the college is under the ministry of Grace Baptist Church. Students have an amazing opportunity to participate in a wide variety of church ministries which is a blessing to the church but also doubles as practical, hands-on training. Some ministries are shown on the video.



Student Life

Being with other Christians strengthens individuals in their Christian growth as they fellowship & encourage one another. Students that come to Pacific West Baptist College not only receive an education but also get trained in dealing with others alongside fellow students. 

There is also a range of exciting, planned activities and various events hosted by either PWBC or Grace Baptist Church in which students are encouraged to attend. These events will help to strengthen student’s social skills, allow them to exercise their God-given gifts and talents, and also provide the means for them to create lasting memories.


Success Stories




Happy Students


Years Experience


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September 01 at 08:00 am

Grace Baptist Church Auditorium

September 02 at 09:00 am

Grace Baptist Church Auditorium

September 03 at 09:00 am

Grace Baptist Church Auditorium

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