Counterfeits, and the People Who Use Them


A 20-yr-old woman in Germany was arrested for trying to buy a 2013 used car (worth $22,000 Cdn.) using fake banknotes that she printed on a cheap inkjet printer using regular printing paper.

She took the car for a test drive, then pulled out a bundle of €50 and €100 bills that looked more like Monopoly money than actual currency.  The employee called the police.

When searching the 20-year-old’s home, police found an inkjet printer loaded with uncut fake bills printed on regular sheets of paper, as well as €13,000 worth of fake euros (photo). Apparently, the bills were so poorly made that anyone would have spotted that they were fake.

If you think that’s crazy, back in 2011, a 53-yr-old man in the USA tried to buy $476 worth of goods at a Walmart, using a phony million-dollar banknote (phony because the USA doesn’t issue such notes).  And in 2004, a 35-yr-old woman tried to buy $1,600 worth of Walmart goods with another million-dollar bill.

It’s amazing what some people try to pass off as genuine!

Many religions today try to convince people that they must ‘work’ their way to heaven, and this is nothing but a counterfeit salvation.  One day on earth, there will appear a counterfeit Jesus, whom the Bible calls the Antichrist.  Unfortunately, untold millions will believe he is the ‘real deal’ and will end up in hell.

Make absolutely SURE that you are trusting in the right Saviour for your eternal destiny.

2Co 13:5 says, Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves.

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