Strange and Unusual STORIES

by Dr. Steven White
President of PWBC

Foiled by a Sandwich Baggie!

Fernando Alonso Díaz was born on July 29, 1981, in Spain.  Fernando was 3 years old when his dad got him into a small, child’s go-kart.  Fernando was ‘hooked’ and grew up to become a Formula One race car driver.  At 12 years of age, he became the Spanish Junior Champion in 1993, winning first place, and in 2005, he won his first Formula One race.

Fernando won first place the following year but then went 13 years before winning first place again in 2018.  He finished 2020 coming in at 31st place.  Covid quarantine issues and a cycling crash seemed to compound his troubles. 

However, in March 2021 the 39-year-old Fernando was performing his comeback Formula One race in Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, when he had to pull his car in for a pit stop.  It was there that an empty sandwich baggie somehow managed to get into the rear brake duct of his car, which caused overheating and damage to the brake system.  Sadly, Fernando had to pull out of the race.  His comeback was foiled by a sandwich baggie!

Sometimes in life, one little thing going wrong can cause our best hopes to come crashing down.  Fortunes have been lost, great business deals have fallen through, vigorous health has failed, love has been lost and wars have been started.  And, if you don’t mind the expression, all because of an accidental sandwich baggie!

But, as born-again Christians, we live moment by moment in the hands of a loving God, who is totally in control of each and every little detail in our lives.  Sandwich baggies too do come into our lives through bad circumstances.  God knows what He is doing, so let us relax and trust in Him because He made us the most amazing Promise in Romans 8:28, And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are the called according to His purpose.

So, let us continue running the race of life and trust God with the results and the outcome.


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