A New Name Written Down in Glory!

Pastor Aulin

On May 18th 2019, we, at Okanagan Valley Baptist Church, hosted our Sixth Annual Community Appreciation Barbecue.  At this barbecue we set up a table featuring the Soul Winners Academy material, and gave out the Bible studies to those who came and visited the picnic.

A lady named Rose came by and visited with my wife, Crystal, who was greeting people at the table.  Crystal was able to give Rose the preliminary Bible studies and we took Rose’s information.

A few days after the barbecue we did a follow-up call with Rose and learned she was diligently working through both studies – “Amazing Things From the Bible!” and “Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People?”.

My wife made an appointment to visit with Rose on June 4th and, upon arriving, Crystal was delighted to see that Rose had enthusiastically completed both Bible Studies.  As they reviewed the studies, Rose humbly received Christ as her Saviour!  Rose’s heart was prepared through the study of God’s word contained in those two little Bible studies.  I am so thankful for SWA!  It has encouraged and strengthened the soul-winning ministry of our church.


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