And God Remembered

And God remembered
(and so should we!)

Dear fellow preacher,

I think that when we are young(er), memorizing names, faces, dates, etc. tends to be a bit easier.  At least, this has been my experience.

Other factors that can affect our ability to memorize include: a growing number of people, foreign-sounding names, people with similar facial features, and how ‘over-worked’ we are from week to week.  However, none of these are actual excuses, because these are things we are supposed to know.

Amazon© sells several books on ‘how to memorize’ people and things, and this might just be a very good investment for each of us.

Something I have done for many years is to send personalized Birthday and Anniversary cards to everyone in our church.  The cards can be from the Dollar Store, but it’s nice to dress them up with stickers and hand-write a short message and Bible verse.  I then seal the envelopes with my own, personalized, wax seal.  The cards now number in the hundreds, and it’s a bit of work, but it goes a long way in telling people that you care!

Also, each month, we print in the bulletin the names of those having Birthdays and Anniversaries each month.  If someone has a Birthday on a Sunday, I will wish them ‘Happy Birthday’, and I encourage them to bring in a cake to share after church.  These things help to make the church more like the ‘family of God’ that it is.

Isn’t it nice to be remembered?

Genesis 8:1 And God remembered Noah,

Stay in the game!

Your brother in Christ,

Steven J. White

I’d like to invite any Independent Baptist preacher (pastor, missionary, evangelist, or retired) to offer helpful advice, experiences and thoughts that will encourage others in the ministry.  I want others to hear what you have to say.  If this is of interest to you, please email me your thoughts or suggestions.  None of us will get ‘paid’ for any of this, but all of us will get ‘sharpened’.

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