And the books!  (2 Tim. 4:13)

Where is the LORD God of Elijah

Dear fellow preacher,

Many years ago, I heard it said, “You can’t be a Leader if you’re not a Reader,” and over the years, I’ve learned more about this truth.

The fact is, no one preacher knows it all.  Period.

You and I need to keep reading articles that will help us to be better for the Lord.  In other words, we should always be reading books.  In his last letter to Timothy, Paul asked him to bring a cloak, and the books, and especially the parchments (most probably copies of the Scriptures).


What I’m saying today already assumes that we are avid readers and studiers of God’s Word, the parchments.  (THAT is our main Book and source of truth.)  But many godly and wise men have written their wisdom in books, and we would be wise to read what they wrote.

Reading good books should:

  1. Increase our love for God and the Bible,
  2. Increase our love for our wives, children and churches,
  3. Give us good ideas for our ministries,
  4. Refresh us.

Therefore, look around for some good books on Bible study, prayer (oh, especially prayer!), family matters, church management, personal health, etc.

Let these authors become your ‘friends’ who support you, and strengthen you in your Prayer Closet and in your Study.  So, remember to bring your Bible, and the books!

Stay in the game!

Your brother in Christ,

Steven J. White


I’d like to invite any Independent Baptist preacher (pastor, missionary, evangelist, or retired) to offer helpful advice, experiences and thoughts that will encourage others in the ministry.  I want others to hear what you have to say.  If this is of interest to you, please email me your thoughts or suggestions.  None of us will get ‘paid’ for any of this, but all of us will get ‘sharpened’.

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