Strange and Unusual STORIES

by Dr. Steven White
President of PWBC

Man Finally Passes Drivers Knowledge Test!

For those of you who have ever failed at getting your driver’s license, be encouraged!  It often takes people several tries before successfully passing the Driver’s Knowledge Test and the actual Road Exam.  But a man in Britain has set what could be a world record. 

The man’s name was not disclosed for privacy reasons, but he is certainly an example of persistence in achieving a goal.  After several years of paying the fees and taking the knowledge test, the man had spent over $5,000 and had taken the test 157 times!  But he finally passed!  (However, that’s just the written test.  He now needs to pass the Road Exam.)

Many Christians could learn a lesson on prayer from the persistence of this British man.  How often do we start praying for someone’s salvation only to give up after 2 weeks?  Our Church is praying for God to give us a Church building of our own.  Did you know we have been praying for this for over 16 years?  Will God ever answer this prayer for us?  YES, HE WILL!  In His time, He will provide us with the right building.  Our job is to keep praying and not quit.

In Luke 11, Jesus gave us the parable of the Friend At Midnight to teach us the importance of persistent prayer. In verse 8, He said, I say unto you, Though he will not rise and give him, because he is his friend, yet because of his importunity he will rise and give him as many as he needeth.

‘Importunity’ means not quitting.  These days, we need Christian men and women who will start praying and not quit praying until God comes through and answers their prayers.

Will you become a Prayer Warrior for God and not quit?


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