one year

Our One Year Program is designed to equip students to have a solid foundation about the Bible and basic Bible doctrines.  It is geared towards those who do not feel led to full-time ministry, but still, want to effectively serve God in the ministries of their local church.

Fall Semester

BIB 111 Old Testament Survey
BIB 131 Understanding the Bible
BIB 151 Science and Faith
THE 112 Survey of the Bible Doctrines
THE 132 Apologetics
MPS 113 Personal Evangelism
MIS 114 Introduction to Missions

Spring Semester

BIB 121 New Testament Survey
BIB 141 Life of Christ
BIB 161
Methods of Bible Study
THE 122 Survey of the Bible Doctrines
THE 142 Biblical Ethics
MPS 123 Prayer
MIS 124 Baptist History

(Some courses may be adjusted depending on the availability of the instructors.)

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