4 years

This is a Four-year Program designed for both men and women who are called by God to full-time ministry. Our aim is to help deepen students’ understanding of the Bible and to equip them with practical skills for service. By the time students enter their third year, they will be able to choose from any of the following biblical and ministry concentrations as listed below:

  • Pastoral Ministry
  • Missions/ Evangelism Ministry
  • Music Ministry
  • Christian Education Ministry

Fall Semester

First Year

THE 112 Bible Doctrines
THE 132 Christian Ethics
BIB 111 Old Testament Survey
BIB 131 Understanding the Bible
BIB 151 Science and Faith
ENG 118 Grammar and Composition I
MPS 113 Soul Winner’s University
MUS 116 Music Theory I

Second Year

THE 212 Bibliology
THE 232 Theology Proper
BIB 211 Methods of Bible Study
BIB 231 Hermeneutics I
MPS 213 Homiletics I (M)
ENG 218 Speech
MIS 214 Book of Acts
CED 215 Principles of Christian Education
MUS 216 Basic Piano I (W)

Spring Semester


THE 122 Bible Doctrines
BIB 121 New Testament Survey
BIB 141 Harmony of the Gospels
BIB 161 Bible Geography
MPS 123 Prayer
ENG 128 Grammar and Composition II
MIS 124 Church/ Baptist History
MUS 126 Song Leading


THE 222 Christology
THE 242 Ecclesiology
BIB 241 Romans-Galatians
BIB 261 Hermeneutics II
MPS 223 Homiletics II (M)
MUS 226 Music Ministry Administration
CED 225 Teaching the Bible
MUS 226 Basic Piano II (W)

Third Year

THE 312 Pneumatology
THE 332 Contemporary Theology
BIB 311 Pentateuch
BIB 331 Corinthian Epistles
MIS 314 Church History

MPS 313 Homiletics III
BIB 351 Pastoral Epistles

Missions and Evangelism
MIS 334 Making of Missionary
MPS 313 Homiletics III*
MPS 333 Principles/ Methods of Education**

MUS 316 Music Theory II
MUS 336 Hymn Playing I

Christian Education
CED 315 Leadership in Christian Ed
CED 335 Principles of Christian Ed

*Course for Men
**Course for Women

Fourth Year

THE 112 Theology IV
BIB 411 OT Poets
BIB 421 Hebrews
MPS 413 Biblical Counseling
MPS 433 Marriage and Family

MPS 453 Pastoral Functions
MPS 473 Church Administration and Polity II

Missions and Evangelism
MPS 453 Pastoral Functions*
MPS 473 Church Administration and Polity II
CED 415 Home Schooling Seminar**

MUS 416 Music Theory III
MUS 436 Hymn Playing II

Christian Education
CED 415 Church Education
CED 435 Principles for Teaching and Learning

*Course for Men
**Course for Women


THE 322 Anthropology/ Soteriology
THE 342 Comparative World Religions
BIB 321 Historical Books
BIB 341 Prison Epistles
MUS 326 Philosophy of Christian Music

MPS 323 Church Administration and Polity
MPS 343 Biblical Leadership

Missions and Evangelism
MPS 323 Church Administration and Polity*
MPS 343 Biblical Leadership*
MIS 324 Women in Missions**

MUS 326 Voice I
MUS 346 Choir Conducting

Christian Education
CED 325 Fundamentals of Education
CED 345 The Christian School



THE 422 Eschatology
THE 442 Cults
BIB 421 Major Prophets
BIB 441 Minor Prophets
MPS 423 Church Finance

MPS 443 Church Planting
MPS 463 Theology of Youth Work

Missions and Evangelism
MPS 483 Maintenance Skills
MIS 414 Issues in Missiology

MUS 426 Voice II
MUS 446 Choral Arranging

Christian Education
CED 425 Nurturing the Spiritual Lives of Children
CED 445 Learning to Teach and Teaching to Learn

(Some courses may be adjusted depending on the availability of the instructors.)

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