Man Looketh on the Outward Appearance

Man Looketh on the Outward Appearance
(1 Samuel 16:7)

Dear fellow preacher,

We have all heard the expression, “Never judge a book by its cover”, and yet everyone does.  Man looketh on the outward appearance.  We can’t help it – it’s just human nature.

And so, because we are in the ministry to serve other people, it’s important that we who serve do our best to maintain a good appearance.  It sounds simple enough but, over the years, I can’t tell you how many of God’s servants I’ve met who gave little or no thought to their outward appearance.


Maybe it’s this ‘dress-down’ generation we live in, but there was a time when professional men (including preachers) actually looked the part.

Call me ‘old-fashioned’, but I believe our people deserve a pastor, a preacher, an under-shepherd who takes care of his outward appearance.  My doctor’s name is Tom but, when people are sick, they don’t want a ‘Tom’, they want a ‘Doctor’.  Sheep need a shepherd who looks like a shepherd, a leader.

People expect their auto mechanic to have dirty hands, but not the hand of their Pastor.  I’m reminded of Psalm 24:3-4 Who shall ascend into the hill of the LORD? or who shall stand in his holy place? He that hath clean hands…!

By the way, another good verse to take seriously is Job 17:1, My breath is corrupt!

So, let us who serve give consideration to personal hygiene, breath mints, hair, teeth, hands and decent looking suits, ties and shoes.  After all we are ‘Ambassadors’!  And you don’t need to spend a lot to look good.  Hey, I’m in the ministry too, and many of my clothes I found ‘new’ in second-hand stores for pennies on the dollar!  And there are many good YouTubes that talk about men’s clothing and proper grooming.

(Check out  It’s good information, but it’s not made by Christian men.)

Remember (as someone once said) you never get a second chance to make a good first impression!

Stay in the game!

Your brother in Christ,

Steven J. White

I’d like to invite any Independent Baptist preacher (pastor, missionary, evangelist, or retired) to offer helpful advice, experiences and thoughts that will encourage others in the ministry.  I want others to hear what you have to say.  If this is of interest to you, please email me your thoughts or suggestions.  None of us will get ‘paid’ for any of this, but all of us will get ‘sharpened’.

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