An Honorable Man

An Honourable Man

Back in 1990, in China, a poor farmer’s wife was involved in a horrible accident and he had no money to pay for her treatment.  The medical fees required to save her life were huge, so he went from door to door, begging people for whatever cash they could spare.  He carried a little brown book with him, carefully noting down the name of each person and the amount they had loaned him.  He was able to borrow 70,000 yuan ($14,000) from hundreds of neighbours, and he made a promise to all the donors: “One day I will be back, knocking on your door with your money.”

The farmer’s name is ‘Mei Guanghan’ and he lives with his wife in a shabby one-bedroom house with almost no furniture (photo). But since the accident, Guanghan has had just one mission in life – to repay every neighbour, down to the last penny.  And the good news is that, after years of sacrifices and living in poverty, he has achieved his goal of paying everyone back!  Besides paying back the money, Guanghan has also spent the past quarter of a century caring for his wife, because, since the accident, she is still paralyzed from the waist down.

Guanghan also started to write a ‘diary’ as a reminder of his hard times.  He wants to leave the book to his children, so they never forget how these good neighbours helped to save their mother’s life.  “Do not be ungrateful,” he said sincerely.

Hey, Christian, doesn’t that remind us of the debt we owe to God?  Rom 8:12a  Therefore, brethren, we are debtors

Jesus gave His LIFE on the cross to pay for what we owe in hell.  We are indebted to God. Period.  How can we ever pay back THAT debt?  All we can do is show ourselves grateful to God by faithfully living for Him every day of our lives.

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