What Will It Really Be Like?

Keswick 12

The northern California town of Keswick was established in 1896 and has always been a pretty little place to live.  Here is a recent picture (photo top), courtesy of Google Maps.

However, on July 23, a huge forest fire broke out (called the Carr Fire) which has, so far, burned 361 km2, including the entire town of Keswick.  

The fire has destroyed 517 buildings and killed 5 people.  This second photo shows the very same Keswick location as of last Friday. (photo bottom)  It’s devastated!

So, what will the world look like during the Great Tribulation?  According to the Book of Revelation, 1/3 of earth’s vegetation will be burned up, 1/3 of the sea will turn to blood, 1/3 of the fresh water will be contaminated, the sun, moon and stars will be darkened; disease will be rampant, and that’s only part of what it will be like.

All we know is what the Bible tells us, but world-wide conditions today make it appear that the Tribulation can’t be very far off.  Christian, are you ready for Jesus to return?  Are you living more for God’s will today than ever before in your life?

Matthew 24:44 Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh.



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